Deliver me from bread!

I wrote this post in February but due to the procrastinatis, I abandoned it in draft land. So “yesterday” really means “a month ago”. Capiche?

Yesterday I went out to dinner with my mum and had duck and seabass for the first time. The duck was alright (unmemorable, simply forgettable, tastes like chicken but not as good) but the seabass was exquisite, and this is coming from a meat lover cum fish hater.



The sea bass looked better than this. My mum was the one who ordered it and she’s not well versed in the art of taking a picture of your food before eating.She just dove right into it and I had to pause her to take this picture.

Close up of my duck


I was given some rice as well and I looked around for a sauce to go with it. I saw one yellow one on the table and decided to taste it. Huge mistake. I took a teeny tiny bit and my brain exploded. It felt like I had just tasted engine oil mixed with kerosine mixed with insecticide. My whole head was throbbing, from my head to my nose. When I recovered from this near death experience, I asked a waitress what the yellow sauce was and she said it was hot mustard sauce. Now what she clearly meant is that she had accidentally spooned up some of the devil’s bath water and put on our table. Hot mustard indeed.

IMG_2425This is the murderer.

Now I don’t know why, but every time I order food, it comes with bread. Bread. The master carb and delicious bane of my fitness life. And it’s never just one slice or type of bread noooo. White bread, brown bread, Indian naan, Arabic Pita, buns, croissants. And every time they bring the bread what do I do? Slatter butter all over it and wolf it down of course.

Before going out to dinner I ordered lunch, Lasagne and of course it came with bread. I didn’t even eat the lasagna, I just fell into the sweet non judgy arms of the bread.


A few days earlier we went out and I ordered ribs, which of course came with bread.


Ugh barbeque sauce. Hate.

Where’s the bread? In my tummy. I ate them all and it didn’t even occur to me to take a picture. Yummy in my tummy.

Here are some more random pictures of food.

IMG_2316Did I mention that I am trying to be healthy? *sighs deeply*


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