Flourless pancakes. Say what?

In a quest to be healthy, I decided to check out flourless pancake recipes. I love pancakes. Love is too mild a word to describe my feelings for pancakes. Pancakes and scrambled eggs are my go to breakfast. But eating pancakes every morning cannot be healthy, at least that’s what my mother says. So I went on google and got the easiest recipe I could find.

2 bananas

1 egg

How much easier can this get? The ingredients are readily available and it is such a simple process, I thought.

Mash all ingredients together.

So I did.

I put a little oil in the pan and poured a little batter in it. This is what I ended up with


It suffices to say that I was sorely disappointed. I had visions of eating delicious guilt free pancakes and I ended up with this. Before frying it, I was already suspicious because the batter was not as thick as normal pancake batter and it kept sticking to the pan. It was a struggle to flip this “pancake”. I had my mum taste it and she said it was alright, just very bananaey (she didn’t use that word). It didn’t taste like a pancake, it just tasted like bananas which wasn’t bad but wasn’t good either.

If at first you don’t succeed…

I figured I needed something to thicken up the batter and by that I mean my mother told me I needed something to thicken up the batter. I got a new recipe.

2 bananas

1 egg



Baking powder

A little salt.

Don’t ask about proportions and servings and all that jazz. I used my discretion and threw everything in the blender. I ended up with this


I fried them like regular pancakes.


Much better.

Now do not delude yourself into thinking these flour less banana pancakes will taste anything like real pancakes. They will not. They tasted nice though and I have no problem incorporating this into my breakfast menu. I cannot describe the taste, it is just different.

That’s it for healthy food. Off to devour some pasta. Yum.


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