Pinkies up!

I used to love tea. I was once in a passionate one week love affair with tea: green tea, peppermint tea, camomile tea, oh sweet camomile. In the height of my madness I said this about tea.

Camomile (Chamomile) Tea is awesome!  Aaah it’s like a thousand angels fluttering on your tongue and then sliding down your throat to land softly in your belly.

But then one day I decided that if I was going to be a tea drinker I had to do it right and healthy and stop drinking tea with sugar. And that was the end of that. I can’t even drink tea anymore because it gives me heartburn/acid reflux. Poo.

So when I heard about the Lagos Tea House, I was torn. A part of me wanted to try it out because I like trying out new things and being fancy. The other part of me thought why spend money on tea? But I forgot about one thing, (or should that be one person?)- My mother- the patron saint of the tea drinkers association of the world. We were on our way to the supermarket when we came across the Tea House.


Mum: Look! A tea house.

Me: Should we go in?

Mum: of course.

Before we went in, we decided to get something to eat from another restaurant. We were hungry and we didn’t think a tea house would serve proper food, we were wrong by the way.

I didn’t have any expectations of the interior but I was quite impressed. I liked everything from the wallpaper, to the mirrors to the artwork to the crystal glasses on the table.





The best part is that the place was empty. I prefer to eat in empty places, I think I might have a mild case of agoraphobia.

They have a variety of teas-green, white,black,oolong and so on.


They also have a food menu, of course. It should have occurred to me that a Nigerian food establishment cannot survive if it doesn’t serve rice. They had me at the Lagos Tea House Breakfast-pancakes, waffles and crepes. OOh yes.




I settled for the blackberry mojito tea and my mother went with the Moroccan mint tea.

This is how it was served.





The tea came in the transparent container and the timer was used to ensure the tea was steeped for the right amount of time before being released into the teapot.

My tea was nice. To complete the tea drinking experience, I decided to sit upright and hold the cup with my pinkies up and speaking in what was supposed to be posh English accent.I lasted about a minute before reverting to my comfortable bad posture.

The only downside of the day came when I went to pay the bill. Not only did they not have a functioning POS machine, they added some charges to my bill. I feel the price put on the menu should already incorporate all extra charges.

It was a nice experience all in all. I will go back there, not for the tea but for the breakfast.

Lagos Tea House: Plot 6, Admiralty Way
Lekki Phase 1, Lagos, Nigeria.
If you are familiar with the area, it is the green building beside UBA on the way to Ebeano Supermarket/Tantalisers/Forte oil.

They are open everyday from 8am-8pm.


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