Turn down for what?

Well Dah-lings, I have had a great couple of days.

I turned 21 on Sunday (whoop whoop) and I was determined to have fun for a change. My birthdays usually have me in a sea of boredom which in turn makes me depressed because I feel even if I stay indoors throughout the year, I feel my birthday is the one day where I should be free and wild.

So this year I decided to cancel my one woman pity party and plan my birthday for a change. I made a schedule for the entire month of April and also made a wish list of the things I wanted as gifts. I sent the schedule and the list to my immediate family and to my surprise it actually worked.

My actual birthday was on Easter Sunday and I organised a small lunch at Sakura- a Japanese Restaurant. We reserved the hibatchi room. I like (cooked sushi) but I am not crazy about Japanese food. I did however love the experience and everyone had a blast. The appeal of the hibatchi room is that you get to see the chef perform some acrobatics as he/she prepares your food in a private room.

Since I was turning 21, I decided to have my first drink. This is not a joke, I have had maybe 2 sips of alcohol in my life. I cannot stand alcohol so I always go for mocktails. However I wanted to live on the wild side and I also needed some courage for Karaoke. I love mojitos but I had never had the cocktail version so I ordered a glass. I gingerly took a sip, dreading the alcoholic taste. It tasted like a mocktail mojito which made me happy but also left me wondering if I had been bamboozled. I asked the waiter over again if he was sure there was any alcohol in the drink and he assured me there was.

My mother wanted to try the sex on the beach but for some reason she was too shy to say the name out loud so she kept referring to it as “number 44”. Hilarious.

Towards the end of the lunch, I felt I wasn’t buzzed enough for Karaoke so I ordered a long island iced tea. Now this one was potent. I mixed it with a little water and managed to drink 3/4 of it before passing it on to my uncle.

I was so nervous about Karaoke because I am not the best singer and the thought of going on stage and being booed and stoned with rotten tomatoes freaked me out. But luck and good planning were on my side. I got there in the early evening, before the usual crowd got there. We had the stage to ourselves for a while and by the time other people started to come we didn’t care, we were too hyped!

I feel Karaoke should be for shit singers only. All you WhitneyCareyonce need to go on Nigerian Idol and leave the Karaoke spots for us.

We had to order a drink before we were allowed to take part in the karaoke. We were all stuffed from lunch so we just ordered two smoothies.

The next day was Easter Monday and it turns out the fun wasn’t over yet. My mum invited all my family members to come over to celebrate my birthday with me. She hired a makeup artist for the second day in a row and we had a photographer there to capture our memories. I had a huge cake, which was really a traditional engagement cake that my mum converted into a birthday cake.

I would have uploaded some pictures but they all have family members in them and I am so private.

The last time I had this much fun was at my 18th birthday where I went to a water park and before that it was at my 7th birthday where I embarrassed myself by attempting to dance like a this girl who was a veteran at birthday dancing competitions. The pictures are hilarious.

I still have a few activities planned out for the month. Turn down for what?

Is it obvious I don’t get out much?

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