A few of my favourite things

I find British television to be devoid of life. I cannot quite explain it. It is as if someone put a turkey baster in the screen and just sucked out all the life.

That being said, some of my favourite shows are British. Yup, I’m a ball of contradictions. I generally find British tv bleh, but once in a while I’ll find a gem and become hooked on the shepherd’s pie.

My favourite talk show ever is The Graham Norton show. Jonathan Ross is alright and Ellen is the OG, but Graham just makes me so happy. He usually has three or four celebrities on his couch at the same time and I don’t know what it is; if it is Graham himself being a superb host, or if it is watching the celebrities interact, or both, but it works. Oh boy does it work. It is such an entertaining humourous show, the celebrities are more relaxed and are not under the pressure of a one on one interview.

Here is a video of what a person thought were the show’s funniest moments. There are funnier moments, but this should do.

But I am not here to talk about Graham Norton.

My Family is my favourite British Sitcom (it is also the only one I watch). It is a comedy about Ben Harper, an irritable dentist and his relationship with his wife Susan, their three children and a host of friends and relatives.

However I do not want to talk about that now.

I want to talk about my favourite game show: Would I Lie To You?

I don’t remember how I started watching this show. I was probably waiting for one of my shows to start and stumbled upon it while flipping through the channels. I thought it was funny enough for me to record the entire series.

There are two three-people teams which each have a resident comedian: David Mitchell and Lee Mack. Each member of the team reads out a story or a fact from a card and tries to convince the other team that they are telling the truth. The other team then has to decide if the person is telling the truth or a lie. There is also a segment of the show where a mystery guest is brought in and members of a chosen team have to convince the other team that the guest is related to them in some way.

The show is hilarious, especially the latest seasons. “If it looks like a lie, sounds like a lie, feels like a lie, it’s probably true” applies so much to this show. Some people have gotten up to the strangest things. You swear something sounds so implausible and definitely as to be a lie, then it turns out to be true and you are just sitting there staring at the screen in amusement and disbelief.

Lee Mack is a star. Every time he opens his mouth I start to laugh in anticipation of what he is going to say. He tells the most outrageous lies and it is so funny and impressive to see him think fast and come up with details to back his stories. It was this episode that cemented my love for Lee Mack and for Would I Lie to You?

David Mitchell is the in house Posh Englishman. He is constantly teased for being upper middle class, and he is so delightfully strange. He and Lee are polar opposites and they bounce off each other quite well.

He doesn’t yet have a beard in this clip, but growing one was the best decision he ever made.

I could go on and on (I really couldn’t, I need to sleep) but I will stop here.

Are there any British shows that I am missing out on? And please do not say Towie or The Only Way is Essex.



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