The first step is admitting you have a problem.

The second step is determining how to solve it.

I have determined that my main problem with my fitness journey is consistency.

I am the type of person to work out for 5 minutes and then run to the mirror and get disappointed when I don’t see any abs.

I am the type of person to buy a bunch of vegetables, make a healthy smoothie and abandon it in the fridge until it has to be thrown away.

I’m the type of person to work out for an hour on Monday and then on tuesday say to myself “I’ll just work out tomorrow” and on wednesday I’m in bed watching an episode of Modern Family that I have seen 12 times already and by Thursday I have completely given up on exercising.

My point is that I am not consistent at all. Being fit is a full time job. My challenge now is to exercise and follow a healthy diet everyday and to accept that I will not see results I want within the first five minutes.

Accompanying my inconsistency is my penchant for excuses.

Excusitis: The habit of making excuses to explain a lack of action. Also known as laziness.  Coined by David Schwartz in his book The magic of thinking big. 

I can’t work out at home because I’ll rather be in a gym. I can’t go to the gym, it’s too far. I would rather work out outside but I’m shy. I don’t have anyone to workout with. My gym socks are not ironed.

I decided to take it slow and start by walking for an hour everyday.

My current problem now is finding someone to walk with. I ask my family and they tell me to give them a minute and that turns into hours and would you look at that- it is too late to walk.

2 weeks ago, after waiting for someone to accompany me, I thought screw it, I’ll just go on my own. I walked for a little bit and it was okay but I could not go as far as I wanted because I was a little nervous. 30 minutes into my walk, I saw a guy running towards me. He called out to me and proceeded to walk beside me. His name was Darlington he said. Yes Darlington. He had seen me walking past a supermarket and did the only logical non creepy thing by following me. At this point, I decided to just walk back home. And then he did the inevitable- asked for my number so we could keep in touch. Aarrgh.

SN: I have a problem being rude to people. It is a curse. I wish I could be haughty and rude. When people ask me to for my number, my stomach sinks because I really do not want to communicate with this person, but I also do not want to be rude, so I just give it to them and then ignore their calls/block their number. That was until I came across a lunatic who, after discovering he was blocked, started to call ceaselessy with “No Caller ID”. I once had 100 missed calls from this lunatic. I even switched off my phone to avoid his calls, and when I switched it back on at 5:30 am in the morning, his call came in 5 minutes later and within ten minutes he had left me over 20 missed calls.

So you can understand why I did not want to give him my number. I told him no, and I might as well have been mute because he continued to follow me and plead with me to just give it to him.

SN: Why do people do this? You have known me all of 2 minutes and you want my number. What for? It is so weird.

I just ignored him and nonchalantly walked towards home. I didn’t look back at him, but as I walked away I was a little scared he might come up behind me and attack me. I tried to walk as fast as I could without breaking into a run, just incase he was following me. (I may have watched too many crime shows.) After a little while I looked back to make sure he wasn’t following me home and then jogged home. Whew. That was enough exercise for one day.

A few days later, I went for a walk with my uncle and cousin. We had all taken pictures the day before on my birthday and they were appalled at how fat they looked in them. I took advantage of this moment to suggest an early morning walk the next day and of course they were all for it.

We left the house at 6:30 and walked for about two hours. It was awesome. I can walk for a long time as far as the weather is good and I have a partner. My body was sore, it felt so good! But that was 4 days ago, the soreness has worn off and I am due another exercise session. Maybe later, this leftover birthday cake isn’t going to eat itself.

For my fellow people plagued with Excusitis, this article on how to overcome it may be helpful.


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