On Sunday I did 20 minutes on the treadmill and 30 minutes on the floor wondering why the room was spinning. I haven’t exercised since then.

The healthy living section of my blog has been severely neglected (it should not have been created) so I decided to combine my attempts at healthy living in this one post. This is going to be short.

I came across a smoothie recipe from GBblog and I decided to try it. Her recipe called for Spinach, Protein powder, Mango, Banana and almonds. Luckily for me my father always has various types of nuts around the house- groundnuts, cashews, almonds. We had also just received a lot of mangoes and bananas so I was quite pleased. Mangoes and bananas are two of my favourite fruits and they make delicious smoothie ingredients. However I did not have spinach or any greens and I have never even thought about buying protein powder. Pardon my ignorance, but I have always associated those protein powders, whey and all that with bodybuilders. Now I know better.

I adjusted the recipe and made my own smoothie:

One mango

One banana

10 almonds


Ginger. I love ginger. It is my favourite flavour. I like it in food, smoothies, stews, juices, biscuits, cartoons, everything.


When making smoothies I am always so sparing with the liquid and as a result I am always left with a smoothie that I have to eat rather than drink. I worsened the situation by refrigerating the mixture for a little bit. From my experience, banana coagulates when refrigerated.

The smoothie looked like baby goo food and I enjoyed pretending to be a baby as I fed myself with my tutti frutti spoon. I tried my hardest to get a good picture but it just wasn’t working out.


Abujans (citizens of Abuja) always gush about how awesome Habib yoghurt is. People who have visited Abuja once lament about how much they miss Habib yoghurt. I felt it would be a shame to have stayed in Abuja this long and go back to Lagos without trying this magical yogurt so I went to one of their stores.


It costs N500. The server blends their special yogurt with fura and sugar and pours it in a bowl. Fura is a mix of flours and spices moulded into balls and it is common in northern Nigeria.


I am not a fan of particles in my yogurt unless it’s granola or chocolate shavings or mangoes or…okay I don’t mind particles but I did not like the fura. It kept interrupting the yoghurt drinking process. I was trying to enjoy the nice yoghurt and ugh fura particle what are you doing here?

When I got home I decided to blend the yoghurt mix again to get rid of the particles. While I was at it, I also decided to add some mango slices, grapes and ginger.



To my disappointment it did not really taste that much different. Maybe I should have added more fruits. The only thing that changed was its colour.


Rather than getting rid of the fura particles, I ended up with grape skin in my yogurt. It never occurred to me to peel the grapes. I have seen the phrase “peeled grapes” in a few recipes but I never thought people actually peeled their grapes. I have only ever peeled a grape with my teeth, just out of boredom, right before I popped it in my mouth. Do supermarkets stock seedless peeled and diced grapes?

I had just one glass of it.


Stop judging the plate of white bread. It is filled with peanut butter and bananas which means it is healthy.

Ps: Yogurt or Yoghurt? I swear it used to be the latter but now it seems the H has been dropped. I’m sure we can thank ze Americans for zat. Anyway who cares about the spelling as long as it is frozen?

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