A new place opened in Lekki called BLD by play. I have been away for a while so like a magpie I was attracted to this new shiny place. The name stands for Breakfast Lunch Dinner. It is owned by the same people that own Play which is supposedly the hottest club in Abuja.

I went there for lunch with a friend. The space is alright, nothing fancy. We sat outside. Why? Because we were lonely and craved the company of flies.

I naturally expected lunch to be a la carte so I was surprised to find out it was a buffet. Even more surprising was the fact that the buffet was N2500, which sounds very reasonable compared to other restaurants.

Then I saw the offering and understood why it was so cheap. The food was not bad at all, I did enjoy it, but there were not many choices. There were about 8 dishes- two types of rice, fried yam, plantain, escalope potatoes, ginger chicken, gizzard, fish in butter and then salad and bread.

We did not eat that much but we liked the food. The jollof rice was good and the ginger chicken was absolutely yummy. I have no complaints about my food.




I ordered the virgin mojito and I got water with a few leaves in it. Thanks to the BLD team for keeping me healthy and hydrated. The mojito was N2000.


Interesting facts:

My friend got there before me and asked the staff for any time limitations. Customers have access to the buffet for one hour, after which they must get their gluttony arses out of the property (or maybe pay for another hour). It makes sense. For N2500, some people will sit there for hours and eat over and over again and pack food home in the containers they brought in the name of buffet.

There is  a lounge upstairs that is only open to customers after four pm (again according to my friend).

Breakfast is a la carte, lunch is buffet and dinner is both (according to a waitress)

Will I go there again? Sure. I would sit inside and order water from the jump.

BLD is located on Admiralty way, near Chicken Republic and KFC.

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