Lagos Tea House

The last time I was at the Lagos Tea House, which was also my first time, I went there for the tea. I then discovered their breakfast menu and I knew it was just a matter of time before I went back. Well today was the day.

I decided to treat my sister to breakfast which turned into brunch which turned into lunch. We wanted to get there early but due to circumstances beyond our control i.e we are lazy, we got there at exactly noon. Luckily for us the breakfast menu was still available. I ordered the Lagos Tea House breakfast which consists of two crepes, two pancakes, two waffles, eggs, two sausages, bacon and baked beans. I will admit I was a little worried it would be too much then I realised that I could do anything if I put my mind to it. #BelieveInYourself.

My sister ordered the Nigerian Breakfast and chose the yam pottage and beef.

Then we waited.

and waited

and waited

Oh look a grey hair.

And waited

A woman who I initially assumed was another guest came up to us to offer us some complimentary cupcakes to ease the pain of waiting. I thought that was nice of her and we eagerly accepted the offer. The cupcakes were delicious and almost put my mind off the fact that our food hadn’t arrived yet. Almost.

Then we waited

and waited

Keep in mind that it has been raining nonstop in Lagos. The air conditioning was on and we hadn’t eaten all day. Hunger and cold is not a pleasant combination.

The nice lady came back to us to explain that all the meals are prepared fresh and that was why the food was taking so long. At this point I began to give my sister the evil eye for ordering yam pottage.

The food finally arrived and it was worth the wait. The yam pottage was delicious, my sister only let me have one bite but it was good. My food was good as well. Ps: the pancakes are quite tiny so two pancakes is not too much.

thumb_IMG_4622_1024 thumb_IMG_4620_1024 thumb_IMG_4619_1024 thumb_IMG_4618_1024 thumb_IMG_4621_1024 thumb_IMG_4617_1024

We were very happy, all grievances forgotten, until it was time to pay the bill. On the menu it said that Breakfast came with either tea/coffee/hot chocolate or fresh fruit juice. Now to me that means that the price for the beverage is included in the cost of the meal. So imagine my surprise when I found out I was billed separately for each cup of hot chocolate. That is N2400 that I did not expect. I was not happy about this.

A different person might have argued and refused to pay but I just told them to change the wording on their menu and I let it go. I wish I was that different person. One thing I have learnt is that I can never correctly calculate my bill when I dine at Lagos Tea House. Something usually pops up.

All in all, the food was good and the service was decent. I will definitely go back for the porridge but I will be sure to take a snack with me.

Lagos Tea House is located at Plot 6, Admiralty Way
Lekki Phase 1, Lagos, Nigeria.
(The green building beside UBA on the way to Ebeano supermaket)


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