Let’s talk about tax baby!

It was a nice afternoon. I was in my penultimate class of the day-Investments. I do not remember what the lesson was about that day, but I do remember my professor being upset about taxes.

My professor is German, married to an American woman, currently living and working in the UAE. He has a green card which made him eligible for all the goodies America has to offer, including (or should that be especially?) taxes.

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Finance Amateur.

In addition to this blog, I have a personal finance blog financeamateur.wordpress.com.

It is a little stressful having two blogs, so I have decided to merge them. I created a Finance category on this blog and will post my finance and money blogposts under this category. Finance amateur will still be open, so check out the older posts.

Thank you ūüôā

Hot Girls Wanted

I am fascinated by the porn industry; not the videos per se, more with the people who have chosen to tow that career path. I like to watch interviews of porn actors, to get into their heads. I would much rather watch them being human than watch them having sex. A lot of people are intrigued by the porn stars, even though they would never admit it. They hide behind insults and bible verses but they are really curious about these people. The fascination stems from its taboo, the fact that it contravenes what society deems to be normal and acceptable, the fact that most people would never do it (or at least think they wouldn’t).

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Confessions of a Shopaholic

There are two book series that I can read over and over again: Harry Potter and Sophie Kinsella’s Shopaholic series. Every time I re read one of these books, I enjoy it just as I did the first time.

Rebecca “Becky” Brandon nee Bloomwood is the heroine of the Shopaholic books. I have seen her go from a spendthrift¬†singleton to a spendthrift¬†woman in a relationship to a spendthrift¬†woman with a fiance to a spendthrift wife to a spendthrift¬†woman with a sister to a spendthrift¬†mother. Becky is my friend in my head. I laugh at the crazy things she gets up to and I want to smack when she starts daydreaming about clementine sandals she does not need and definitely cannot afford. Despite her childish impulsiveness and financial irresponsibility, Becky is a star and a great character.

As an ardent Shopaholic fan, I was expectedly very excited when in 2009, a Confessions of a Shopaholic movie was announced. Woohoo I thought. I could not wait to see the film, to see Becky and all the characters come alive on the big screen. It was going to be a fabulous movie of course.

Then it wasn’t.

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For the love of white feminism.

Where do I start from?

The term “White Feminism” is one I regularly see touted on twitter, especially by Black feminists. I never really paid it much attention until the video to Rihanna’s BBHMM came out. In anticipation of the criticism the video would receive, people started to defend it as a preemptive move, calling out those would be critics. I noticed that a lot of the defensive tweets had one thing in common: they all assumed that the criticism would come from White women, white feminists to be exact.

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Recently, during a conversation with friends, one friend brought up the topic of Artificial Intelligence. She was fascinated by the field and wanted us to discuss it, and discuss it we did. Most of the conversation stayed on the surface; what it was, some applications and the resulting ease of life that AI provides. Towards the end of the conversation, we briefly touched on the possible negative effects Artificial Intelligence could have.

The conversation really got me thinking about the whole idea of Artificial Intelligence, especially its adverse consequences. Before I go further, what is Artificial Intelligence? Most people just think of Artificial Intelligence as being synonymous with robots, but it is more than that.

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