Interesting tidbits

There is always so much going on in the world. Here are some sad, funny and interesting things I found while perusing the internet.

First off are these heartbreaking photos of a Greek pensioner in tears. He is one of the many pensioners who had to line up to receive only a part of their weekly pension: 120 Euros.


If you haven’t heard that Greece is in trouble at the moment, then shame on you. Succinctly put, Greece is in deep financial bondage. It is battling a ton of debt, default and crippling austerity measures among other things. Tomorrow the country will vote on whether or not to accept yet another bailout that comes with more austerity measures. The country is quite tense and everyone is anxious to see what the outcome will be. Will Greece accept more sanctions? Will it just say oh fuck it and leave the euro? What will happen if Greece leaves the Eurozone? Will other countries follow suit? Whatever happens and whatever opinions people have about the current situation, we can all agree that it is sad to see an old man cry.

One morning in February I woke up to a clip of a plane tilted to one side, hitting a bridge and crashing into a river. The plane was a TransAsia airplane. Over forty people died including the pilots. It was a truly tragic accident. New information has just been released as to the cause for the crash. According to reports, the pilot had accidentally shut down the plane’s only working engine and did not realise this until it was too late. The pilot’s last words were: “Wow, pulled back the wrong throttle.” The pilot had reportedly failed simulation exercises and was said to be clueless in certain emergency situations. It is a shame that the pilot was chosen to fly the plane despite this. People make mistakes all the time, but some mistakes are just unacceptable. Rest in peace to the souls of the departed.

Now for some lighthearted news.  Finland hosts a yearly “wife carrying competition“, and couples from around the world participate in the event. The competition is in its 20th year and it involves men trying to complete an obstacle course of some sorts, with their wives on their backs.

The rules are quite flexible on the “wife” bit, but I think if you are going to complete a stressful exercise with your head in the middle of a person’s thighs with the person’s bum touching your head, you would be better off with your wife.

The face of a winner- he and his wife have won the competition two years in a row.

Competitors also have to wade through water.

It does look kooky as hell and it is a nice change from all the carnage and horror reported in the news everyday.

Au revoir.

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