To tell the truth.

Rosa Parks is a name that is familiar to most. She was a prominent member of the civil rights movement best remembered for refusing to give up her bus seat for White passengers in segregated America. Her story is known far and wide, but how many people actually recognise her face? Before you run off to google, hold on a minute.

There is a tv show from way back called To Tell the Truth. In it, three people introduce themselves as the same person and it is up to the judges/panelists to determine who is telling the truth and who the imposters are. If you have watched Catch Me if You Can, then you should know what I am talking about.

It wasn’t until I came across the Rosa Parks edition of the show that it even occurred to me that I could not recognise her. I managed to guess correctly, but it was still shameful that I did not know what she looked like beforehand.

Watch the video here or below, and try to guess which one is Rosa Parks. No cheating.

So tell the truth, did you get it right? Did you already know what she looked like?

It would be so awkward if everyone else already knew what she looked like and I was the only one who didn’t. I would no longer be able to turn up my nose derisively at those who do not know simple things such as the name of the President of the USA. (It’s Barack Obama, in case you were wondering.)


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