Say what?

For a long time, I always thought it was pronounced pro-CARS-tination? I would type that in and wonder why a red line appeared under. I wondered why it was spelled as procrastination when it was pronounced procarstination. English language makes no sense, I thought. Turns out I’m the one with tissue paper for a brain.

This reminds me of when I used to say “lame man” instead of ‘layman”. I blame my teachers for this one. Ever since primary school, I swear I thought I heard my teachers say “How would you explain this to a lame man” and I always wondered why people who weren’t knowledgeable in certain issues were referred to as lame. It actually baffled me but I thought oh well, it’s English. And then one day I posted a comment on a friend’s facebook status, calling her a lame man and she cracked up so hard! I was soon rolling in laughter when she corrected me. Seriously lame man? Nah I have to do better.

Oooh I suddenly have a bunch of stuff to talk about. I’m sure everyone has sang the wrong lyrics to a song before, thinking it was right. Well I do this all the time and then I google the lyrics or listen really carefully and I’m like O_o.

First off Last night Diddy ft Keyshia Cole

What I say:

Last night couldn’t even get an answer….

Tried to call, If I’m lying let me die

Sitting here, with this blank expression

Blah blah blah it’s like I wanna die

What it really is:

Last night, couldn’t even get an answer

Tried to call, but my pride won’t let me dial

Sitting here, with this blank expression

And the way I feel, I wanna curl up like a child.

What dem girls like. Ludacris

What I say:

…’Cos a radaadaa man for his radaadaa chick gets the radaadaa pudding for the radaadaa blah

What it really is:

“…Cause a ride-or-die man for his ride-or-die chick gets that ride-or-die pudding for that ride-or-die stick”

This one is not my fault, see how easy it is to confuse the two? Besides I figured this one out on my own during an early morning shower studio session.

Your love is my love- Whitney Houston

What I say:

If I should die this very day, don’t cry, because that means we weren’t meant to be

What it really is:

If I should die this very day, don’t cry because on earth we weren’t meant to stay.

Gosh my ears are so daft. It wasn’t until she died, rest her soul, and people were tweeting this particular line that I realised I had been singing it all wrong all these years.

Diva- Beyonce

What I say:

Winnie pull up, wanna park my hooter

Bettie better have a six pack in the cooler

What it is: 

When he pull up, wanna pop my hood up

Bet he better have a six pack in the cooler

You’re beautiful- James Blunt

What I say: My life is ready, my life is pure

What it is: My life is brilliant.

I was literally left mouth open when I saw the correct lyrics. I had to immediately go back to confirm. I was so confused as to how he said brilliant when I so clearly heard ready. Sigh.

Nina Simone: Sinnerman

What I say: So I rock the rock, please help me I rock the rock

What it is: So I ran to the rock, please help me, I ran to the rock.

Same Girl- Rkelly ft Usher

What I say: Say she got me on her ringtone

Are you talking about the pink phone?

No the blue one

Man she told me that was corndog.

What is is: Man she told me that was turned off.

I just assumed corndog was a musician.

Lollipop- Lil wayne

What I say: That pussy in my mouth had meatloaf for words

What it is: That pussy in my mouth had me lost for words.

Christian Hymn

What I say: As the day passed forth, the waters of my soul thirst after you.

What it is: As the deer pantheth for the water, so my soul longeth after thee.

In my defence, this is a tricky song and I know quite a few people who have messed up the lyrics as well.

What words have you mispronounced and what song lyrics have you been singing wrong all along?

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