War, rats and weird traditions.

Syria has been in the news lately, thanks to the ongoing civil war which has displaced millions of people and turned Syrians into refugees. Even though a lot of attention has been given to the Syrians who have fled the country, there are still a lot of people in Syria who are still dealing with the strife of war. One of the youngest casualties of the war is a little baby girl, who suffered her first war wound before she was even born. Her mother, heavily pregnant with her, was injured in a missile strike in Aleppo. Doctors battled to save both mother and unborn baby, and their efforts were rewarded. The baby was pulled out of her mother’s womb with a piece of shrapnel above her eye. What a start to a life. Thankfully the doctors were able to remove the shrapnel and both mother and baby are fine. War is sickening and so stupid, and childish.

In another part of the world, a little baby also had to go through a traumatic event, and it had to do with a pesky rodent. Now I have heard of rats popping up in the strangest places; cinema halls, public transportation, maybe even a place of worship; but I have never heard of a rat entering an incubator. Yes, nurses in a hospital in Belize found a rat in an incubator which housed a premature baby. The thought makes me ill. Premature babies are already fighting for their lives, they really do not need some vermin sharing a supposedly safe, sterile room with them. By the time the rat was found, it had already bitten the baby. The nurses frantically tried to get rid of the rat and eventually it was beaten to death. There is a video of this, but I hate rats and the pictures made me queasy enough so I could not bring myself to watch it.

In a more horrendous rat related news, a newborn in an Indian hospital died after a rat ate his fingers and his left eye. I do not have the right adjectives to describe this. Fucked up doesn’t cover it. The poor child already had a urinary tract infection and was about to undergo a surgery. The child’s father claimed the doctor told him not to worry too much because he after all has another son.

Every year in Japan, people celebrate the Nakizumo festival, as they have been doing for 400 years. The strangest part of this festival is the baby crying contest. Two sumo wrestlers each carry a baby and then try to make it cry. The first baby to cry is crowned the winner. The parents look on proudly as their babies cry because of the Japanese saying “Crying babies grow the fastest”. To their parents, the event is sure to bring good luck and good health to their babies. Of course non Japanese people who read it may complain about how barbaric it is and all that jazz. At first I raised my eyebrow at this weirdness, but I do not think people should be called barbaric because of this. Is this that much different from parents who do things that make their babies cry and then put the videos on youtube for everyone to laugh about?

As a girl grows older and approaches puberty, she should expect some changes in her body. She may start growing breasts, and may get her first period around 12 years old. What she definitely will not expect is to grow a penis. Yet this is a possibility in a city in the Dominican republic where boys are born as girls. Say what? In the tiny village of Salinas, babies born and raised as girls suddenly start to sprout penises at about 12 years old. This is probably as a result of years of inbreeding. When you think you have heard it all, the universe smiles and says Hol’ up! I got more for you.

Rounding off this post on an adorable note.

This four year old girl has some serious obligations to fulfil and she wants to make sure that her daddy fully understands how serious it is. Here she is, before undertaking the powerful role of flower girl, telling her daddy just how to behave. The video is cute, just ignore the demented internet trolls who think it is okay to call a child derogatory names.

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