I have had three yoga sessions so far and oh my goodness Yoga is so intense. I did some yoga when I was at university, but I now know that was the most elementary yoga. So far I like Yoga, even though my body refuses to contort into anything other than child’s pose and the first two warrior poses. When I am in downward dog and I have to step my feet back forward, my feet never get between my hands. I simply cannot stretch that far.

I also cannot support my weight with my hands. Maybe it is just fear, but I feel my wrists will snap.

By far my biggest problem is breathing. I simply do not know how to breathe properly and even worse I always forget to breathe. Breathing is an integral part of Yoga, and I know my poses will suffer unless I am able to master breathing.

I am in awe of my Yoga instructor, of how flexible and calm she is. She says stuff like “Put your right toe into your left ear and touch your left knee with your tongue. Now this is a resting pose. Don’t you feel relaxed?”  Hmmm ma’am.

One thing I love is when the Yoga instructor suggests an advanced pose and then says “Only do it if you can. Remove your ego.” I think that is so lovely. There are probably people who want to showoff their bendiness or who would be embarrased if they couldn’t achieve the advanced position. Remove your ego. Words to live by.

I love Yoga though and I cannot wait to master it and be great at it.

This morning after Yoga I had a bowl of oatmeal with hazelnut milk, one egg and some strawberries. I must admit I eyed the bottle of full cream milk for a few seconds, but my self control won. Then for lunch I had French Fries (Chips) and lamb chops. I really need to learn to cook healthy or I am condemned to unhealthy food. I do not crave junk food, which is good. I am also trying to spend t least 30 minutes on my food. I eat really quickly, which is probably the reason for my bloat, so I am trying to chew my food slowly.

Apart from my diet, I also worry if I am doing enough exercise. I attend exercise classes almost every day, but I never actually go into the gym. Are exercise classes enough or do I need to go into the gym and use some machines?

I have not noticed any changes in my body yet, but I am not looking. I have decided to be patient.



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