A few of my favourites…youtube

Found in drafts. Over a year old.

Once upon a time, I woke up bright and early to get some work done. The devil said to go on youtube, just one video he said.

Hours later, I looked up from yet another episode of The Ellen Show and saw it was midnight. What did the time go? Oh well, tomorrow is another day.

Youtube is a rich source of infotainment and distraction.  Here are some of my favourite youtube videos

This interview of Che Guvera


This interview of Tom Hardy. This was the first time I really got to experience Tom Hardy, I didn’t know much of him before then. This was when I fell in love with him. I must have watched this a gazillion times, okay I’m exaggerating, maybe only a million times.


This interview of Footballer Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Zlatan is one of my favourite footballers. The name Zlatan is just such a powerful (sexy?) name. It is the Tom Hardy Momoa of names. This interview is just funny to me, partly because Zlatan keeps referring to himself in third person.

Oh it is a happy/unproductive day when I get into infant youtube. So many videos of cute children.

The only thing worse(better) than infant youtube is animal youtube. Animals are so precious.

Little baby orangutans get scared

Do you know that otters sleep holding hands? That’s otterly adorable (it had to be done)


Aww Orangutans are my fave!


I have posted this before but it is still my favourite episode of one of my favourite shows


This epic video of Natalie Portman rapping in an SNL skit. Seriously underrated.


I could go on forever but I won’t because why post all my favourite videos at once when I can do a second blogpost at a later date titled favourite youtube videos part 2?


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