Can’t have one without the other?

“What if pleasure and displeasure were so tied together that whoever wanted to have as much as possible of one must also have as much as possible of the other—that whoever wanted to learn to jubilate up to the heavens would also have to be prepared for depression unto death?”



4 thoughts on “Can’t have one without the other?

      • I meant it in the sense of appeal. Many people know happiness as the an ideal end, and it matches what is preconceived, that is having pleasure and joy. Yet, because happiness has such an appeal to emotional elation, contentedness, the more practical end, which accomplishes what happiness can, is diminished. I thought Nietzche wanted to highlight the inability for happiness as an end to exist. What do you think? Do you yourself agree with what Nietzche wrote?

      • Nicely put. I like your point about happiness being linked to emotional elation and contentment being more practical. Contentment is often seen as a lesser, resigned form of happiness; saying you are content is not thought to be as powerful as saying you are happy. For many, happiness is the goal, and contentment just comes along with it “When I get X, I will be happy, and then I will be content.” But happiness is not a destination that one arrives at, but rather a journey. I do agree that happiness should not be treated as an end in itself.
        I also agree with Nietzsche about the relationship between happiness and pain. Take love and heartbreak for example. By falling in love, we are also accepting the possibility of heartbreak. We can choose to shield ourselves from any chance of feeling the pain of heartbreak, but by doing that we also stop ourselves from the feeling the joy of love.
        Thank you for your comments 🙂

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