Guess the book.


If you guessed Gone Girl, then you are right. I saw the film when it came out and while I enjoyed it, I saw little need to then read the book. However I was offered three of Gillian Flynn’s books at a bargain, and I could not resist.

It is always better to read the book before watching the film. When I saw the film, I had no idea about the plot and therefore quite enjoyed the unexpected twist. Reading the book now is enjoyable as well, but the suspense is gone. It still makes for interesting reading though.

The only part of the story that I don’t like is the end. I so badly wanted Amy to be punished for her foolishness. I wanted the world to see her for the twisted witch she really was. Reading the book, I realised something: if the story had been told in a different way, there is a high chance I could have been in Amy’s corner, edging her on. Man meets woman, makes her move to a dead town, takes all her money, and then cheats on her with his student. Oh man, I would have been cheering Amy on, and sticking my tongue out at Nick.

This thought eased my upset at the end for a little while, but only a little while. I remembered that even if Nick deserved what she did to him, the other people whose lives she had fucked up did not. Amy had a habit of destroying people’s lives, this was not just a sad vengeful wife, she was an all round psychopath. Then I got pissed again. Amy really did deserve to be punished, if not for faking her death, then for lying about rape (twice), and for murder.

I liked this part:


When I was younger I so badly wished I were an only child. I felt that sibling-less children were spoiled silly and got everything they wanted. Now I cannot imagine an existence without my siblings. Who would I rant about my parents to, and laugh about the antics of relatives with?

Gone Girl is a good book and film. I enjoyed both and I am eager to read some of the author’s other books.

What did you think of Gone Girl (the book or film)? I want to hear your thoughts!


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