Stir fry everything!

I am so unadventurous when it comes to food (and pretty much everything). I find something I like, and I eat it until I get tired of it or it is proven to cause cancer. Now that I have been trying to cook for myself, the  procedure is the same. I cook something, it surprisingly turns out edible, delicious even, and I will be cooking that till thy kingdom come. Sometimes while cooking a familiar recipe, I tweak a little thing and voila, a new recipe is born.

The base of all my recent recipes is a stir fry

Onions (I never fry anything without onions)

Peppers and vegetables of choice

Spices (pretty much anything in your spice cabinet. My staples are knorr/maggi, ginger, garlic, curry, some Jamaican mix I recently got)

Soy sauce

Chicken (diced or cut however)

Some healthy oil (olive, coconut)

Here we go!

Put a little oil in the frying pan (really a little, we are trying to be healthy)

Chop up the onions and toss them in

Spice up the onions (I used the Jamaican Jerk mix, ginger, pepper et al)

Put in the chicken and let it brown. Turn it to make sure it doesn’t burn or stick to the pan. Continue turning until the chicken is cooked.

Add the peppers and vegetables. Cook for a little bit

When the chicken and vegetables look good to eat, add some soy sauce to the pan.

Serve with egg noodles

I ate this everyday for a week and I loved it. I would also boil an egg to go with it. I really love eggs. Then I heard of the wonders and health benefits of sweet potatoes and I decided to get me some.

I diced the sweet potatoes and boiled them in water (duh)

Then I tweaked my stir fry recipe a bit. I was trying to make some sweet potato curry dish.

After frying the onions, I add curry and a little cumin.

Then I add the chicken.

Add the peppers and vegetables(I use spinach)

Add a little water to create a sauce.

Add the now soft potatoes to the pan and break/mash them a little.

Eat. This satiated my craving for asaro- Nigeria yam pottage.

For the final tweak, I put some tomato pasta sauce thing and ate it with gluten free pasta (yuk).

I am not sure what the point of this post is. I’m sure all the tv networks are now  tripping over themselves, rushing to offer me a cooking show. I am not interested.

I hope to upgrade my healthy culinary skills soon. Forgive my ratchet pictures. See I am a hungry girl and a lousy photographer, so these are the only decent pictures I have. I swear the food tasted good, especially the sweet potato faux pottage. It had me doing a happy dance.



Confession: I like to cook with lots of peppers and vegetables. The colours are pretty and I feel so healthy. Then when I am done eating, I notice that I have eaten all the chicken and managed to push away the peppers and vegetables into a neat pile. Ah work in progress.


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