Here I am again, talking about my healthy lifestyle. Gad, you would think I was the first one to be “healthy”. Whatever.  Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but I have always wondered just what makes a healthy breakfast. Brown bread and egg whites? Avocado and chia seeds? Fresh air and water?

I  like oatmeal, and when I saw all the fitness gurus eating it for breakfast, I thought I was on the right track. What I did not know then was that they did not drown their oats in litres of full cream milk and spoons of sugar.

I have made some changes to my eating. I have cut out cow milk and replaced it with soy milk.

I don’t use sugar anymore. If I must then I will use honey. Soy milk is sweet enough to use without sugar.

Cut out bread. First I stopped eating white bread, then I decided to cut out bread all together.

I tried eating just egg whites, and while that did not taste terrible scrambled, I just couldn’t throw away half of my egg. Plus the best part of a boiled egg is the yolk.

I try to use healthier oils, and in small amounts. I did not know that a teaspoon of oil went a long way. Never will I deep fry my pancakes again.

I am not even sure if my choices are healthy, but I am on a learning path. How are calories calculated?

Oh and I haven’t had rice in a while. I don’t even miss it. I am not emotionally attached to any food, so it is easy for me to give them all up and eat healthy. The problem is just getting the healthy food. If I had a chef cooking me good food everyday, I would never eat junk again (Rules and conditions may apply).

One of my favourite breakfast options is oatmeal. I love to eat it with greek yoghurt, honey, a boiled egg and some fruit, preferably a banana.

I also love pancrepes (something that is intended to be a pancake but ends up a crepe). This is the recipe I use

Plain white flour [tried gluten free flour once and my pancrepes came out hard(er than normal). Could have been my fault.]

Soy milk. I like vitamilk and the Alpro brand.


An egg

A litte salt.

Mix them all together and fry like you would a crepe.

The more flour you add, the harder your pancrepe will be, the more milk, the more crepey it will be. I like to eat this with scrambled eggs.

I mix an egg, a little salt, black pepper and soy milk together and then fry it, scrambling it of course.

Once I had leftover chicken-tomato-stir fry and I ate it with my pancrepe and it was delicious.


One last thing, how do you like to eat avocadoes? Everyone is moaning about how awesome avocadoes are and I just do not understand. Is there a particular way of eating avocadoes? Tell me!

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