Here is a story of how I did not eat a burger


Oh hello there,

What is a picture of McDonalds’ chicken legend burger with salsa and Mayo doing on this blog? I most certainly did not develop the hugest craving for a McDonald’s chicken legend burger with salsa and Mayo, and did not spend a chunk of time trying to find the nearest McDonalds.

It goes without saying that I did not walk for twenty minutes in unfamiliar territory, armed with nothing but my hunger and google maps, in an attempt to find a McDonalds.

Do I even have to say that I did not smile brightly as I saw the glorious red M from a distance and then hastened my steps? I did not half run into this reputable establishment and order a chicken legend, and when the attendant asked if I wanted salsa or mayo, I sure as hell did not say “both”, and then go on to remind him to add sweet and sour sauce.

I did not then speed walk home, resisting the temptation to eat it right there and then. Upon getting home I did not immediately snap a few pictures and send them to my friends, who obviously did not congratulate me on finding a McDonalds and fulfilling my craving.

It is pointless to say that I did not then start to eat the burger, slowly at first, oscillating between a mouthful of burger and a mouthful of delicious fries dipped in sweet and sour sauce.

Ten minutes later, I did not look mournfully at the last bite of burger in my hand, and did not wish for it to become whole again.

Of course I didn’t. I’m a healthy eater duhhhhh. Only oats and leaves are eaten here.

Here is another picture of the meal I did not eat 😍



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