Surfing the web.

I came across this article on the problems beautiful people face. We beautiful people do go through a lot. Haha.

This clip of Nina Simone talking about her regret

Nina Simone on what freedom really is

Teyana Taylor gave birth to her daughter in a lovely way.

Little girl mistakes an elderly bearded man for Santa Claus and bless his heart, he plays along.

Lonely recently widowed man seeks company on Christmas day 😢

NFL player tweets Star Wars spoiler. Le Horreur! (You might want to avoid this if you haven’t seen the film)

Speaking of Star Wars, how cute is baby Zuckerberg?

First time I saw a television advert for personalised marshmallows, I thought “How ridiculous”. Then I found out the company is owned by Kate Middleton’s brother and I thought “how ridiculous”.

What mildly interesting things have you come across lately?




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