Merry Christmas!

It does not feel like Christmas

Ugh. I am not in the mood for Christmas

Comments like these and variations thereof are said every year. It never feels like Christmas. I am usually one of those complaining about I have not caught the Christmas spirit, but this year was somewhat of an exception.

I spent this Christmas with friends and it was bliss. We cooked, exchanged  presents, played games, watched films and laughed a whole lot.

I think the reason some of us don’t get excited about Christmas  is because we don’t feel the same way we did when we were children. As a child, Christmas was awesome and there was a grand preparation towards it. We would go shopping for our Christmas dresses and shoes, and we would make our “Christmas hair” as we called it. The Christmas feeling set in about a week before and it was all so wondrous. As children we had little worries; we didn’t have to think about bills, or exams in January or work deadlines. We were also exempt from chores, so we just woke up, put on our beautiful new dresses and waited for the food to be ready.

Perhaps because I have been away at school for the past few Christmasses, Christmas has become just another day. I don’t get my hair done for Christmas, and I don’t buy Christmas clothes. I don’t even put up Christmas decorations. One memorable Christmas was spent alone in my room, eating pizza and watching The Cosby Show (Loved it).

In my family, we don’t exchange presents on Christmas day. We just go to Church, cook, eat and entertain guests. But this year, my friends and I decided to do Secret Santa and it was super!

Even though we had a swell time, it still didn’t feel like Christmas. I realise now that maybe we are holding on to a past feeling, and judging all Christmasses by that feeling we had as Children. Maybe it is time to let it go and develop a new Christmas feeling.

I hope you all had a good Christmas. Happy new year in advance!


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