On Karma…

Do you believe in Karma?


Why not?

Once upon a time, I’m sure I believed in Karma. Even now I have not completely expunged my mind of all traces of a belief in karma, but I am becoming more and more aware of how much of a myth the whole concept is.

Karma posits that those who do bad things will be rewarded with bad things sometime in the future, and less common is that those who do good will be rewarded with good.

Even as I write this, I am thinking of how ridiculous my question is. Of course Karma does not exist in the sense that there is no magic force that is going to hunt you down and make you pay for past misdeeds or give you a bowl of Ben and Jerry’s Cookie and cream ice cream for being a good person. But still, do you believe that bad is rewarded with bad?

I think it is convenient to think believe in Karma. When people hurt us, we want to believe that they will pay for it somehow. Some people act all gracious about being hurt, leaving everything to God and earning praise for their classiness. The truth is behind that facade is a longing for Karma to hit the one who hurt them like a truck.

Bad people do bad things and go on to leave happy fruitful lives. Your spouse will cheat on you and go on to win the lottery, get clear skin, live to be a hundred with the one they cheated on you with, while you sit in bondage waiting for Karma to act.

Also funny to me is that we always think of Karma as something that happens to other people. When bad things happen to us, we never think maybe it’s Karma for something we did. Nope.

I believe that in life, good things happen and bad things happen. Your actions take you down the path of more good things or more bad things, but I do not necessarily believe in Karma.

My point is when bad things are done to us, it is important to address it, and try to heal. Waiting around for Karma to strike is only going to hurt you more. In the same vein, be good because you want to , not because you believe the earth will reward you for it, especially if your idea of being good is staying home on a Friday night to do chores. Don’t start looking at those who live “irresponsible lives”, wondering why they seem to have it all while you struggle in all of your goodness. The world owes you nothing.

One final thought: why do some people name their daughters Karma? Is she what they got for not using a rubber?


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