Do you really want to travel the world?


Oh how I love to travel

If I had more money I would travel all over the world

Travelling is one of my passions, I just don’t have the money.

I want a job that takes me all around the world.

I have said these words, or a variation thereof, a multitude of times and I’m sure you have too. If we all had more money and less responsibilities we would all travel.

I am beginning to not be so sure.

Perhaps I am just wallowing in a pool of apathy, or maybe it’s the current state of the world that makes me want to order a giant bubble on Amazon and live in it till sanity is restored, but I am not so gung ho about travelling anymore.

I have never been a backpacking kind of gal. Not once have I ever dreamed of staying in a hostel with strangers. When I said I wanted to travel, I always meant comfortably in a plane (Emirates of course, preferably in first class/business but most realistically economy), then check into a beautiful comfortable hotel(twenty thousand thread count Egyptian sheets, room service, extensive breakfast offerings, do touristy things, shop a bit, enjoy the local culture and then go back home with lots of goodies for family.

I see people backpacking across jupiter and I think meh. Sure the pictures are nice (the pictures of those luxuriating in 7 star hotels even nicer) but I no longer feel that I am missing out on anything.

Now I am not even crazy about jobs that require me to travel. If I get one, cool, I am young and I need a job. But I am no longer parroting “I need a job that makes me travel” “I love to travel” every five minutes like a demented parrot. Having a job that requires lots of travelling is fun until one gets a job that requires lots of travelling. Then you realise travelling is only fun when you are doing it on your terms and not just for work work work work work.

I was speaking to an older professional recently and he had to go to Dubai for work. I excitedly recommended several activities for him to try. He looked at me as if I was crazy. “Do you think I have time? I am going to work. And after that I have to catch a flight to X. I don’t have time to explore.”

I am quite unadventurous. Any sense of adventure I once had didn’t make it into adulthood with me. I want to explore the world, from a safe distance, without breaking a sweat, maybe after my Swedish deep tissue massage.

Maybe the whole act of travelling and actually planning out places to go will refresh me, so to speak. Maybe visiting a city for a couple of weeks will remove the boredom and make my skin glow. Maybe travel is what I need. Maybe not.

It is easy to think the solution to one’s boredom lies elsewhere, but do I really need to travel to feel rejuvenated?

I know myself. The thing missing from my life is not stowed away in Asia, or on Mount Everest. I need to start my exploration from where I am at the moment, rather than delude myself into thinking my life will start when I get enough money to travel.

Some people have a burning desire in them to visit every country in the world. Some people don’t. Either way, just live your life.


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