Sunsets on the train

Things I like: Train journeys.

Long train journeys.

A seat by the window where I can intermittently look up from the book I am reading to watch the world go by. No rush to get anywhere,nothing to do but sit and read and relax. Looking out of the window to see acre after acre of pasture, cows and sheep grazing serenely, without a bother in the world.

A warm cabin to chill in and to catch my breath after lugging around suitcases; up and down the stairs, in and out of cars, drenched in sweat or shivering pitifully depending on the season. I endure the struggle and look forward to boarding the train, stowing away my boxes, and then getting my heart rate back to normal.

I like bus rides as well. They take longer than the tube but are more humane. I like anything where I can sit by the window and see things.

Things I dislike: 4 o clock sunsets.

Oh how wonderful it is to venture outside at 9pm and see it still bright as day. That is my favourite season, when the days are long and the nights short. Then clocks go back, the cold creeps in and the day retires before 5pm. It is so dark I can barely see, I am cold and I look at the time and it is only 4:30 pm and I want to scream.  Nocturnal beings all over rejoice but I need the daytime. Until then I will be miserable and cold and forced to trudge the earth at the ungodly hour of 5pm.


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