Let’s talk shameless (A mindless rant about nothing)

I recently started watching this show named Shameless. I had seen a couple tweets about the show but never paid it any mind. I had also seen a few tweets about Frank Gallagher but for some strange reason I just assumed they were referring to the father from The OC (who is named Sandy Cohen which of course is easy to mistake for Frank Gallagher).

This is a long rambling about Shameless. There will be spoilers and lots of whining. Be warned.

I had just finished The Crown, was not getting the satisfaction I desired from Black Mirror, and had completely lost interest in Community after just a few episodes when I came across Shameless. Oh I love Netflix;so many shows and films just there waiting for me to watch. It was on Netflix that I discovered Arrested Development, and for that I will forever be grateful.

The whole point of this post is to discuss the show. As the show was already in its fifth season when I started watching it (I am already in season four), I do not have anyone to discuss it with, and boy o boy I have so much I want to say.

What the fuck is going on in this show?

When V found out she could not have children and decided to use a surrogate, I thought she would harvest her eggs, fertilise them with Kevin’s sperm and then implant them in a willing womb. I sure as hell did not expect her to ask her mother and husband to have sex so they could have a baby that had some of her genes. When Kevin was having sex with both Veronica and her mother at the same time, I wanted to scream. Why did Veronica think a baby made from her husband’s sperm and her mother’s eggs would be her child and not her sibling?

Frank Gallagher is a piece of shit. Anyone who watches the show knows this, it is one of the premises of the show. Yet I find myself bewildered and so irritated by just how shitty he is. When he made the dying woman miss out on a heart transplant because he wanted to get her money. When he called child protective services on his own family. When he and Monica spent the children’s squirrel fund. WHEN HE TRICKED HIS DAUGHTER SAMANTHA INTO THINKING HE WAS A PROSPECTIVE LOVER JUST TO GET HER LIVER (They even made out). This man would do anything for money and he then spends all the money on destroying his liver, nary a care in the world about his family.

Lip Gallagher: First off, I find the actor’s face very interesting. Lip drives me up the wall with his bullshit “I don’t want to go to university or be successful” diatribe. How does one person get so many chances? How can someone born in such unfortunate circumstances so relentlessly avoid a chance at a better life. He does not even deserve all the chances he gets.

Steve Jimmy: How did rich boy Steve end up washing dishes and babysitting for Fiona? What sort of love is that? I never connected with this character or his storyline (bye Estefania). The only interesting thing about him is that his father Ned is Ian’s lover.

Sheila: Very interesting character but what is up with her wanting to stick things up men’s butts? What a sicko.

Baby Liam: How old is this boy and why can’t he construct a proper sentence? Who are his real parents because you cannot delude me into believing that two white parents produced a black baby.

Mandy: I miss the old Mandy

Mandy’s brother (I cannot remember his name right now): Goodness what a dirty boy. He needs to take a shower with sponge and soap.

Carl: I like his face.

Sex and nudity

Karen slept with Jody who had sex with Karen’s mum Sheila who penetrated Frank who had sex (?) with Karen who had sex with Frank’s son Lip who had sex with Mandy whose brother had sex with Lip’s brother Ian who had sex with Ned the father of Jimmy Steve who had sex with Fiona.

Mothers and daughters share penises just as father and son share a vagina. All genitals are fair game and nothing is sacred.

I am over the sex scenes (and nudity). There are just too many of them ugh. All I think of during a sex scene is how awkward it must be to film and how I could never be an actress. A lot of these scenes are basically porn without the penetration. Two naked people slamming into each other is borderline porn.

My least favourite sex scenes are the trite ones where an overwhelming uncontrollable force overcomes them and they start ripping each other’s clothes off. Oh yeah we just met but the attraction is so intense we are going to fuck right here even though my boyfriend your brother is just a few feet away.

One final thing: Why do people in tv shows never lock the door when they are about to have sex?

The crazy thing is that there are people whose lives mirror the Gallaghers. Maybe the reason I get so stressed out about the Gallaghers is because I cannot relate to their lives at all; or maybe it is because I am a loon who gets too emotionally involved in make believe.










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