What good is it having a blog if one cannot rant and empty one’s head on it?

Empty away Cara Mia.

I have so many opinions on so many things covering a wide range of topics. It is becoming apparent to me just how opinionated I am.  I am also quite introverted so I don’t talk much or share these opinions, instead I just have all these debates in my head. But a head can only take so much. My head is full of silly arguments and I just need to offload. The prospect of going insane is real. How much stuff can I cramp into my head, how many more debates can it take before it snaps and never snaps back?

Being on social media makes it so much worse, especially now that the internet is split into Liberal left and Conservative right, two groups that are almost equally irritating and problematic. But that is a discussion for another day.

In today’s social media, opinions are welcome, so long as they are the right opinions. Who dictates what’s right? Well mostly common sense and decency, but also, increasingly, an irate bloodthirty fleshhungry mob on a rampage. But that is a discussion for another day.

Say I see a tweet that I do not agree with, some other person may just reply to the tweet there and then. I on the other hand will just keep it all in my head, which is quite tasking especially if it is a particularly silly tweet. Engaging the person is just so stressful. First, it seems troublesome to me. I mean just ignore it no?

Continuity is the second problem; once you engage a tweet, you kinda have to go all the way. Most of the time, I lose steam and the desire to continue after the a few minutes.  If I engage the person then I am stuck in this discussion that I have lost interest in but I have to continue because I was the one who chose to engage the person. Even typing this post, i have lost interest and do not see the point of it anymore.

Rather than run these debates in my head or argue them aloud with myself in the shower, I have decided to just write them down. Rather than formulate a debate in my head, I will just write my opinions here instead. By doing so, I hope they flow out of my head unto the blank pages and stay there, freeing up my head.

Of course this is wildly optimistic, as I am a thinker not a writer. If there was an app to convert my thoughts to words, I would be quite a prolific writer. Alas there isn’t one, and I lack the patience and discipline to just write.

I have just completed this post hours later and I am wondering what the point of it is.



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