I stumbled upon the Pitts-River museum when looking for things to do on a day trip to Oxford. I went to the Ashmolean museum first and I honestly do not remember anything about it but the boredom I felt. Perhaps I was just not in the mood. I then hurtled off to the Pitts-River expecting a whole lot more and I was not disappointed.

The Pitts-River museum is the largest collection of archaeological and anthropological artifacts in the UK and it houses the artifacts for the University of Oxford. Once I stepped in, I was approached by a very helpful guide who informed me that the museum contained artifacts from every single country in the world except Luxembourg.

There was so much to see; clothing, weapons, jewellery, musical instruments, body decorations, piercings, beauty standards and a host of other things. All of these were arranged by subject rather than country/culture which I thought was a good idea.

There was so much to see, and I was especially fascinated by these NOH masks. I had never heard of them and I found them quite interesting (and somewhat amusing).



Learn more about NOH Masks here.







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