Hello 2018!

Goodbye twenty seventeen, as far as years go you could have been worse. I often had problem distinguishing between you and twenty sixteen; how many times did I ask if something happened in two thousand and seventeen only to be told it actually happened in two thousand and sixteen “Did Brexit happen this year?” Nope that was a year ago”. Now twenty sixteen is going to be two years ago. How time flies.

Welcome twenty eighteen, or perhaps you should be the one welcoming us. As usual I try not to have any expectations for the year but this time (for the sake of my sanity) I really need for some things to happen. As usual I am not doing anything exciting to welcome the new year. I am in bed trying to simultaneously study, sleep and watch television. I hope next year will be different.

Twenty eighteen, I hope you bring with you happiness, love, peace, laughter and answered prayers.


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