If at first you don’t succeed…

…erase all evidence that you ever tried.

This is what I should have done after my last baking fiasco. Instead I rolled up my sleeves and tried again the very next day. I had learned my lessons and I was determined to right my wrongs.

Like a girl who has been hurt before, I was extremely cautious. I took the time to whisk the egg with the sugar, rather than blend them with the orange slices. I ended up blending just the oranges to get the juice in case the blending affected the egg and sugar in some way. I was uber careful with everything, except that I refused to use three large eggs (what can I say, I’m a rebel without a cause). My blind optimism was gone and I was very nervous about getting it wrong, still I didn’t want to waste eggs if it all went wrong. So I used one egg and got the batter ready. Of course being the neurotic I am, I panicked and added an egg at the last minute, a decision I immediately regretted as it completely changed the texture of the batter into this weird nonsense that I cannot describe. I took a deep sigh and went ahead to bake it, without any baking paper.

Twenty minutes later, I checked in on the cake and nearly wept with frustration. It hadn’t risen, hadn’t changed much really. I looked at the recipe and it actually said to bake for 40 minutes not 20 so I relaxed a bit. Half an hour later, the cake seemed to have risen which made me happy. Thank God, I thought. The texture on top was cake-like. I seemed to have succeeded.


Long story short, this is what I ended up with.


First attempt on the left. Second try on the right. A marked improvement



What even is this?


Looks like a block of cartoon cheese


Why do bad things happen to good-ish people?

Someone tell me where I went wrong. It occurred to me today that I did not have this problem with banana bread, not at all. It’s basically the same ingredients except for the citrus, so why do I keep getting this nonsense? I went back to my favourite banana bread recipe and saw that they used baking soda so that got me thinking perhaps the orange cake recipe made a mistake by asking for baking powder. My research has yielded nothing.

I finally have a nemesis, and her name is orange pound cake.

*Meanwhile I ended up eating all the brownie I complained about in the last post. This proves that if I stare at something long enough, I will eventually eat it.

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