Let them eat bread

I made bread again. In these unprecedented times bread is the only thing that brings me joy, and it seems to be the only thing I can get right.

I tried a new recipe which called for more ingredients-eggs, milk and a dash of apple cider vinegar.

I prepared the dough and kneaded it for as short as possible. One recipe said to knead for 50 minutes and I shuddered and closed the tab as quickly as possible. I left it to rise and checked on it an hour in and was happy to see that it had risen quite a bit. I decided to leave it for another hour more and it rose! The dough more than tripled and was high enough for the “punchdown” (this is a real bread-making terminology).


This rise made me so happy! 


Sexiest dough ever. It felt so good.

Unlike my usual bread recipe, this called for the dough to be proofed twice. I was nervous at first because I did not know if fast action dried yeast was suitable for double proofing but it worked!



I love yeast!

I separated the two pieces of dough into two containers as I didn’t want one gigantic loaf


Eh voila!


So beautiful.


So good I had to post it twice


My precious


I was so chuffed with my bread that I decided to make some french toast for the very first time. I got together all my ingredients and got to work.


Mixed it all up…


And fried it in butter!


I did not have any maple syrup which would have made it more photogenic/delicious but it tasted good. Mostly I was just so pleased to have made some French toast with bread that I baked.  After a series of baking mishaps, it felt good to finally get something right.

A bientot!

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