Bread, but make it flat.

Yes I made some flatbread.

Or attempted to anyway.

I was watching a YouTube vlog and the vloggers mentioned that they made Jamie Oliver’s two ingredient flatbread recipe. Up until that moment I had not given flatbreads any thought, matter of fact I did not even know exactly what flatbread was. I knew tortilla, chapati, roti, naan etc and I though flatbread was just another type of this. Turns out flat bread is quite simply bread that is flat from tortilla to chapati.

Back to Jamie Oliver, I had never considered flatbread but upon hearing that it only required two ingredients-flour and yoghurt-I suddenly felt the need to make this easy bread.  I found the recipe on his website-it’s actually three ingredients, the third being baking powder. Still it seemed easy enough so I decided to make it. Of course being an indecisive queen I looked up multiple flatbread recipes and they all seem easy-flour, oil, salt and water, baking powder in some of them. After dillydallying for a while I decided to just make the yogurt recipe, considering I bought yoghurt specifically for this.

I got the yoghurt, self raising flour and baking powder and set to work.



Ingredients for the flatbread plus baking powder

This recipe is theoretically so simple: mix equal parts flour and yogurt plus a teaspoon of baking powder. That’s it. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. Simple pimple. However I found a way to mess it up.

The trouble started with my lack of measuring cups or any baking equipment really. I thought I could get around it by choosing a random cup and simply putting the same amount of flour and yoghurt so I found a random item in the house and used it.

Makeshift measuring cup. Still not sure what it actually is

I measured out the flour with no issues and then attempted to do the same with the yogurt. It dawned on me then that flour and yogurt have different weights so a cup of flour may not weigh the same as a cup of yogurt. See all the money spent on my education was not in vain (or was it? *dramatic music* Stay tuned). Anyway I decided to do it by eye and kept adding yogurt until I ended up with a mixture that was more batter than dough. The problem is that I could not find a recipe that included pictures or descriptions of what the dough should look like so I was in the dark.

Doesn’t seem quite right.

The recipe called for light kneading so I knew the consistency was off. No way was I kneading this mixture. I knew I would have to add a whole lot more flour to change this but first I decided to fry this mixture to see the outcome.

The outcome was delicious. I like my pancakes thick and gooeey on the inside (I cannot articulate this) so I never fry them for too long.


Look how pretty….so thick and delicious too

Side note: The flour yogurt mixture smelled so good. This may be weird but it smelled like the Middle East….It instantly reminded me of the flatbread that accompanies the lamb barbeque or the Arabic bread that comes with our breakfast.

The flatbread pancake was quite good (it would have been even better with some honey/sugar) and I considered just abandoning the original project and going with this instead. But I am not a quitter plus I had some chicken stir fry and was hoping to use the flatbread as a tortilla. So I persevered. I added more and more flour until it resembled dough


Hallelujah it’s dough!


Once I got it into that shape, I thought the battle was won but little did I know that there was sill a war ahead of me.

Even though there was a dough it was still sticky as hell (is hell sticky? Dunno never been). I kept adding more and more flour until I exhausted the self raising flour and switched over to plain flour. Right until the very end I was adding more flour. It was a complete mess, the kitchen looked like Pablo Escobar’s lab. Floooourrrrr everywhere! I was getting frustrated that this supposedly simple recipe had gone awry.

I managed to form four balls from the dough.


The stress it took to get to this point!


I flattened one of the doughballs with my hand- it seemed too delicate for a rolling pin.

The flattened dough seemed too small for the tortilla wrap vision I had in mind so I decided to join two balls together

I found it almost impossible to knead the dough and to roll out with a rolling pin as it kept sticking to it so I just did it mostly by hand. The stickiness never went away so I kept adding flour, which resulted in the final product being quite floury.

I oiled the pan a little (well it was oiled from the earlier pancake attempt) and put the flattened dough in it. Well darlings, it turned out a mess.


You can still see the flour. A tragic mess


It got worse. Soon the cracks began to show.


More crack than er a place that has a lot of crack


I have to laugh to hide the pain


The second one was just as bad.

I had to admit defeat


Still, I persevered. I got them both on a plate.


Jamie Oliver’s recipe also includes an optional garlic herb butter which I decided to make. Jamie’s recipe calls for the butter to be melted in a pan and fresh herbs and blah blah. I melted the butter in the microwave for 30 seconds (for some reason it exploded 20 seconds in) and then added garlic and dried herbs. I used fresh garlic so that counts for something.

I don’t have a baking brush so I spooned the mixture on the bread. It smelled nice.


Brushed with some yummy garlic-herb butter


I made some chicken stir fry, and boiled corn to go with the meal. Unfortunately the bread was in no condition to be treated like tortilla. No way was I going to bend it into a wrap so I just ate it somehow.


The camera always eats first


Actually looks good doesn’t it?


Just a little cheddar

All’s well that ends well.  I had to admit defeat at some points during the process. This is the first semi failure since I began my culinary adventures but I ate it all so it’s not all bad. If I make this again, I will be sure to add only a little yogurt from the start. I will most likely make the pancake instead as that was rather yummy.

Well there you have it. Flatbread.

This shh…is bananas!

The whole world has been stuck at home for weeks, and everyone is doing the only logical thing to pass the time-baking! Cakes, Sourdough, cookies, you name it. But nothing more than the almighty banana bread.  Of course this has pissed off some sourpusses out there who are enraged by all the banana bread photos out there. Well you angry birds, here is one more!

I made banana bread muffins once, under the strict watch of my baker friend. I was essentially just her hands; she told me exactly what to do, when to do it, how to do it. My only contribution was “oooh let’s put the mixture in the muffin tins and make banana bread muffins instead!” Like everyone else I have recently discovered my love for the culinary arts and with all the fuss about banana bread I was determined to make mine.

I had some very ripe bananas which motivated me even more, and I also had some flour, so I set about finding a recipe that required only those two items. Well I searched and searched but even the simplest recipe required more (at the very least butter and baking soda). I was not willing to leave my house just yet so I chopped the bananas, put them in a freezer bag and threw them into the freezer until I went shopping.

Once I got all the ingredients, I was fired up and ready to go. I narrowed my search down to two recipes; this Jamie Oliver recipe and another one which was modestly referred to as Best Banana Bread. My indecisiveness is legendary so I spent hours debating which recipe to follow; on one hand the Jamie Oliver recipe substituted sugar with honey which appeals to my pseudo healthy mind. But it called for apple juice and cinnamon which I did not have.

Eventually common sense won and I made the Best Banana Bread recipe for which I had all the ingredients. I added some nutmeg of my own volition.

All the ingredients required for the best banana bread

The recipe calls for us to cream together butter and sugar which of course meant little to me. I faintly remember my friend doing something with an electric mixer but as I did not have that I figured there had to be another way. I found this helpful video on youtube. Basically add sugar and butter (room temperature, I melted mine in the microwave for 30 seconds) and then mix with a wooden spoon until thy kingdom come. The goal is to completely dissolve the sugar in the butter so the longer you stir for the better. I did this for 5 minutes (or less) because I was not put on earth to cream butter.

Well creamed butter and sugar

I put the frozen bananas in the microwave for 30 seconds and then mushed them with a rolling pin.

Microwaved bananas after being mushed/flattened by a rolling pin

As directed, I mixed together all the wet items together (creamed butter and sugar, crushed bananas, eggs) and sifted the dry items (flour, baking soda, nutmeg and salt). Then I combined wet and dry, and added the vanilla. I did not add as much sugar as the recipe called for, it just seemed abominable to use that much sugar.  The resulting mixture was sooooo darn delicious that it took all my willpower not to eat it all with a spoon.

Yummy in my tummy. Banana bread mixture

I melted some butter and greased and floured the pan which turned out to be way better than just oiling the pan. It made it way easier to remove the finished banana bread.

Blurry unnecessary photo


I was going to use a narrow bread pan type object (forgive my ignorance) but I only had one of those and quite a bit of mixture. I was also not sure about how much it was going to rise so I just put the entire mixture into this wide pan. I put it in the oven at 180 degrees celsius for an hour. Oh yeah remember to preheat your oven about 20 minutes prior.


Go with God my sweet child


I had some pasta while I waited.


Yummy parmegiano amore mio


Eh voila! My beautiful creation.



Look at my baby. Simply stunning

It was delicious and every bite filled me with pride. So dramatic, yes, but I can’t help it.

I ate every last piece all by myself and I have no ragrets (if you don’t get the reference just keep it moving).

Now that I have successfully made some banana bread, there are no limits to what I can achieve. Lemon drizzle cake? Sticky toffee pudding? Six tier wedding cake? I can do it all.

What delicious things have you made so far?