Golden Latte

I took myself out to brunch sometime ago, and while I stuck to my usual pancakes and scrambled eggs, I decided to experiment and order a latte. I don’t drink Coffee, but this “Golden Latte” did not contain any coffee; instead per the menu it was plant milk mixed with certain spices. I was intrigued enough so I ordered it.

It looked good, and tasted really good. The waitress assured me that the main taste was ginger-which made me happy because I like ginger- however when it arrived it was a smack of turmeric. I googled it and “Golden Latte” is not an invention of the restaurant, but rather a traditional Indian drink, hence the turmeric.

It tasted good, and was healthy (I assume so as it’s plant milk, ginger, turmeric) so of course I had to make my own. Off I went to the store to get all the plant based milks.

There are quite a few recipes online and I got weary of searching. Basically I just heated up the coconut milk (as this was what was used in the restaurant and it is apparently the creamiest) and mixed in all the spices, plus honey at the end.

This is what mine looked like:

Not bad…but could be better. I need to get a fancy glass and some rose petals or whatever it was the restaurant put in the glass.

I enjoyed it, but it is so messy and turmeric stains everything yellow! I have only made it twice. Maybe I’ll make it now.

I do like the routine. I long for a gorgeous apartment with lots of light and air, and I see myself waking up with no alarm, stretching luxuriously for ten minutes before I head into the lavish kitchen to make a cup of golden latte which I sip slowly in contentment before I start my day… ah, a girl can dream.

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