In pursuit of wellbeing…still

I have been on my healthy gluten free lifestyle for a week. It seems longer.  I do not know what counts as early days but I do not feel as great as I hoped to feel. I wonder if this has nothing to do with what I eat and if I am in fact falling ill. Another theory as to why I feel generally shitty is that I currently (and always have) lead a sedentary uninspired life. Perhaps I would feel better if I was more active and at least ventured outside everyday.

By the second day of being gluten-free, I started researching new diets and I came across the low carb high fat (LCHF) diet. I tried to do that instead but it is a bit difficult for me. I am fine with giving up rice, in addition to everything else I have given up, but it is hard for me to only have protein and vegetables.

I have now decided to just go for the Whole 30 diet. It seems intimidating at first- no grains, no legumes, no dairy, no sugar- but now I realise it is not that bad. I can have yams, plantains, sweet potatoes and all the protein I want.

My goal is to stop having acid reflux and to stop being bloated. I hope whole 30 does it for me because I am sick and tired of being sick and tired.

Is anyone also on a health cleanse? Are there any diets, recipes you would like to share?



In pursuit of well being.

It started about four years ago I recall. The feeling of food stuck in my throat, the food coming back up and me feeling like I would throw up- but never doing so, the constant need to burp to reduce the pressure, the lethargy, the tightness, the awful discomfort.

I did not understand what was happening to my body. I tried explaining it to a doctor but I don’t think she understood what to diagnose from “my head feels tight”. Googling my symptoms narrowed it down to acid reflux, heartburn, coeliac disease and oesophagus cancer.

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Love in a time of Pancakes.

At last my greatest creation is complete.

Let me introduce you to my pride and joy, made with the cheapest self raising flour I could find, an egg, almond milk, salt and honey.


Don’t ask me why my pancake stack is wearing an egg hat, just go with it.


So nice, and fluffy!



I have recently swapped soy milk for almond milk. Not long after I left the diary world a little while back and found succor in soy milk, I started hearing about how soy milk had links to cancer and death and hellfire. After ignoring these warnings, I decided to find an alternative. Hazelnut milk is alright but it is not great. I tried out almond milk, first with cereal and that was good. The deciding moment came when I made these babies. I was a bit worried they wouldn’t be good but oh baby they were fantastic.

Sayonara El Soya.

Here is a story of how I did not eat a burger


Oh hello there,

What is a picture of McDonalds’ chicken legend burger with salsa and Mayo doing on this blog? I most certainly did not develop the hugest craving for a McDonald’s chicken legend burger with salsa and Mayo, and did not spend a chunk of time trying to find the nearest McDonalds.

It goes without saying that I did not walk for twenty minutes in unfamiliar territory, armed with nothing but my hunger and google maps, in an attempt to find a McDonalds.

Do I even have to say that I did not smile brightly as I saw the glorious red M from a distance and then hastened my steps? I did not half run into this reputable establishment and order a chicken legend, and when the attendant asked if I wanted salsa or mayo, I sure as hell did not say “both”, and then go on to remind him to add sweet and sour sauce.

I did not then speed walk home, resisting the temptation to eat it right there and then. Upon getting home I did not immediately snap a few pictures and send them to my friends, who obviously did not congratulate me on finding a McDonalds and fulfilling my craving.

It is pointless to say that I did not then start to eat the burger, slowly at first, oscillating between a mouthful of burger and a mouthful of delicious fries dipped in sweet and sour sauce.

Ten minutes later, I did not look mournfully at the last bite of burger in my hand, and did not wish for it to become whole again.

Of course I didn’t. I’m a healthy eater duhhhhh. Only oats and leaves are eaten here.

Here is another picture of the meal I did not eat 😍



Here I am again, talking about my healthy lifestyle. Gad, you would think I was the first one to be “healthy”. Whatever.  Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but I have always wondered just what makes a healthy breakfast. Brown bread and egg whites? Avocado and chia seeds? Fresh air and water?

I  like oatmeal, and when I saw all the fitness gurus eating it for breakfast, I thought I was on the right track. What I did not know then was that they did not drown their oats in litres of full cream milk and spoons of sugar.

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Stir fry everything!

I am so unadventurous when it comes to food (and pretty much everything). I find something I like, and I eat it until I get tired of it or it is proven to cause cancer. Now that I have been trying to cook for myself, the  procedure is the same. I cook something, it surprisingly turns out edible, delicious even, and I will be cooking that till thy kingdom come. Sometimes while cooking a familiar recipe, I tweak a little thing and voila, a new recipe is born.

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Food woes.

Now I have made some mistakes in my young life, but ordering a gluten free pizza has to take the cake (ooh I want cake).

Look at this. Hast thou seeth anything less appetising in thou life?


I have not exercised since my gym membership expired (I was secretly relieved), and my weekend was made up of KFC, rice, and butter croissants. I decided to make amends by ordering a healthy pizza, and that is how I came to be eating a strange bread topped off with tomato paste and something that claims to be cheese. I could have had my lamb chops, fries and gravy for half the price and ten times the mmmh aahhhs oooh yummms.