Mademoiselle Privé!

The first time I came across the name Saatchi was on the dailymail, where Lord Saatchi spoke about his unbearable grief at his wife’s death. It was so heart rendering that I never forgot about it.

When I was invited to the Saatchi gallery for a Chanel exhibition, I said oui oui without any hesitation. The exhibition called Mademoiselle Prive (Private miss) details the life and career trajectory of the Matron Saint of tweed and pearls- Gabriella Coco Chanel.

I love Mademoiselle Chanel because she brought about a change. She did not like the clothes of the time, and so she changed it. Simple. No whining. No sitting around saying “Oh somebody needs to invent something that…” I admire that a lot.

All exhibitions at the Saatchi gallery are free, which explained the long lines. The queue to get in was quite long, similar to the queue at an amusement park, although not as frustrating. I finally got in and began the procession through the exhibition. There are about three floors (including the ground floor) and we could only go forward. It was a decent show, great value for my money (haha). There were lots of pearls, shadow animations depicting the dressmaking process, a beautiful indoor garden, display of exquisite dresses and a gallery of different stars from Vanessa Paradis to Lily collins (even Rita Ora). Speaking of Lily Collins, just how beautful is she?

A short movie starring a resurrected Coco Chanel and Karl Lagerfield was played on a loop. In it, Chanel and Lagerfield disagree about the direction in which the brand is going. Chanel is dissapointed in Karl’s vision and the direction in which he has taken Chanel. Lagerfield tells her she did not leave him much to work with and that he is under more pressure than she was. It was interesting.

The absolutely best part of the day for me was the gift shop. I was not even planning on going in because I didn’t think I would like anything and I hadn’t planned on spending money. Boy was I wrong. I wanted everything in there. From paintings to wall art to artsy memo pads and journals to a whole bunch of other things. It was a challenge to control myself, I was contantly picking things and then putting them back. I ended up with a Basquiat, and a bunch of post cards, most of them of Salvador Dali (I adore this man!). I am still surprised at the 180 degree I have done regarding Basquiat’s work. I, who once refered to his work as juvenile and overrated, now squeals in excitement when I walk into a shop and see an affordable piece of his work. Even though the first impression may be that they are childish, I now find his work so beautiful. Basquait’s pieces are just so distinctive, no one else does/did art like he did.

There is a Mademoiselle Privé app which allows people to have a more interactive experience and to see things they would not be able to see without it. For example, there is a door pictured in the gallery which opens when viewed through the app. The app can be downloaded with the free wifi offered at the gallery. I did not download the app though because my battery was close to dying, so I just surreptiously watched through other people’s phones.

The Mademoiselle Privé exhibition runs till November 1st. If you are in London, check it out, and other exhibitions at the Saatchi gallery.


What’s there to do in Lagos?

“There is nothing to do in Lagos!” is something you might have heard or said a number of times. I myself have ransacked the internet looking for interesting non clubbing things to do in Lagos. I have become that person who knows where all the fun spots are but never goes to them because of one thing or the other.


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The Lord giveth, and the wax taketh away.

I recently got a professional wax for the first time. Not only did I get my underarms waxed, I got the infamous Brazilian. Hair removal has always been a source of trouble of me because my skin is sensitive and is prone to bumps and ingrown hairs. Shaving just leaves my underarms a mess. Depilatory creams aren’t that much better. I have also tried epilators and self-waxing, all to no avail. I have not worn a sleeveless outfit out of my house in a long time. As a last resort, I decided to bite the bullet and go for a professional wax (actually my last resort was to get my underarms surgically removed). A perfunctory google search revealed there was a place nearby where I could get it done. I called to set up an appointment for the next day.

The general consensus is that waxing hurts like a beeyotch. I have heard tales of people drinking or drugging themselves beforehand to numb the pain. People talk about how they tried it once and were in so much agony they couldn’t complete the procedure and had to leave the spa half smooth, half hairy. I winced along with them, but deep down I thought it could not be that painful.

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Lagos Tea House

The last time I was at the Lagos Tea House, which was also my first time, I went there for the tea. I then discovered their breakfast menu and I knew it was just a matter of time before I went back. Well today was the day.

I decided to treat my sister to breakfast which turned into brunch which turned into lunch. We wanted to get there early but due to circumstances beyond our control i.e we are lazy, we got there at exactly noon. Luckily for us the breakfast menu was still available. I ordered the Lagos Tea House breakfast which consists of two crepes, two pancakes, two waffles, eggs, two sausages, bacon and baked beans. I will admit I was a little worried it would be too much then I realised that I could do anything if I put my mind to it. #BelieveInYourself.

My sister ordered the Nigerian Breakfast and chose the yam pottage and beef.

Then we waited.

and waited

and waited

Oh look a grey hair.

And waited

A woman who I initially assumed was another guest came up to us to offer us some complimentary cupcakes to ease the pain of waiting. I thought that was nice of her and we eagerly accepted the offer. The cupcakes were delicious and almost put my mind off the fact that our food hadn’t arrived yet. Almost.

Then we waited

and waited

Keep in mind that it has been raining nonstop in Lagos. The air conditioning was on and we hadn’t eaten all day. Hunger and cold is not a pleasant combination.

The nice lady came back to us to explain that all the meals are prepared fresh and that was why the food was taking so long. At this point I began to give my sister the evil eye for ordering yam pottage.

The food finally arrived and it was worth the wait. The yam pottage was delicious, my sister only let me have one bite but it was good. My food was good as well. Ps: the pancakes are quite tiny so two pancakes is not too much.

thumb_IMG_4622_1024 thumb_IMG_4620_1024 thumb_IMG_4619_1024 thumb_IMG_4618_1024 thumb_IMG_4621_1024 thumb_IMG_4617_1024

We were very happy, all grievances forgotten, until it was time to pay the bill. On the menu it said that Breakfast came with either tea/coffee/hot chocolate or fresh fruit juice. Now to me that means that the price for the beverage is included in the cost of the meal. So imagine my surprise when I found out I was billed separately for each cup of hot chocolate. That is N2400 that I did not expect. I was not happy about this.

A different person might have argued and refused to pay but I just told them to change the wording on their menu and I let it go. I wish I was that different person. One thing I have learnt is that I can never correctly calculate my bill when I dine at Lagos Tea House. Something usually pops up.

All in all, the food was good and the service was decent. I will definitely go back for the porridge but I will be sure to take a snack with me.

Lagos Tea House is located at Plot 6, Admiralty Way
Lekki Phase 1, Lagos, Nigeria.
(The green building beside UBA on the way to Ebeano supermaket)



A new place opened in Lekki called BLD by play. I have been away for a while so like a magpie I was attracted to this new shiny place. The name stands for Breakfast Lunch Dinner. It is owned by the same people that own Play which is supposedly the hottest club in Abuja.

I went there for lunch with a friend. The space is alright, nothing fancy. We sat outside. Why? Because we were lonely and craved the company of flies.

I naturally expected lunch to be a la carte so I was surprised to find out it was a buffet. Even more surprising was the fact that the buffet was N2500, which sounds very reasonable compared to other restaurants.

Then I saw the offering and understood why it was so cheap. The food was not bad at all, I did enjoy it, but there were not many choices. There were about 8 dishes- two types of rice, fried yam, plantain, escalope potatoes, ginger chicken, gizzard, fish in butter and then salad and bread.

We did not eat that much but we liked the food. The jollof rice was good and the ginger chicken was absolutely yummy. I have no complaints about my food.




I ordered the virgin mojito and I got water with a few leaves in it. Thanks to the BLD team for keeping me healthy and hydrated. The mojito was N2000.


Interesting facts:

My friend got there before me and asked the staff for any time limitations. Customers have access to the buffet for one hour, after which they must get their gluttony arses out of the property (or maybe pay for another hour). It makes sense. For N2500, some people will sit there for hours and eat over and over again and pack food home in the containers they brought in the name of buffet.

There is  a lounge upstairs that is only open to customers after four pm (again according to my friend).

Breakfast is a la carte, lunch is buffet and dinner is both (according to a waitress)

Will I go there again? Sure. I would sit inside and order water from the jump.

BLD is located on Admiralty way, near Chicken Republic and KFC.

Food :)

I’m still in Abuja and  I was eager to try out a restaurant called The Charcoal. There is a Charcoal in Lagos and I was not sure if they were the same (they are not). On Saturday I was feening for some pancakes so my brother and I decided to have breakfast at Charcoal. I was all excited and dressed up to go when I started feeling ill. To top it up, my brother bailed out at the last minute, saying he was not in the mood as he had already eaten.

I was not about to let a little thing such as dizzyness, nausea and cramps keep me away from pancakes, so I whistled for a cab and when it came near, the license plate said fresh and it had dice in the mirror. If anything I could say that this cab was rare, but I thought nah forget it, yo holmes to Charcoal!

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Out and about in Abuja

I am in Abuja for a few days and I decided to check out some of the things the city has to offer. On this fine Sunday, I grabbed my brother and we drove about town. First stop was Salamander. Salamander is a cafe, restaurant, coffee shop, whatever you want to call it. I first heard about it twitter. It was described as a peaceful, artsy environment and when I heard free wifi, I was sold.

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