One year later…

I have had this blog for a year now.

Well technically I started writing here on March 7 2015 so I am late, but life happened. Plus I don’t think that it is a big deal. I don’t really feel anything about this, but one year is a milestone so here goes: Happy one year anniversary to my blog.

I haven’t posted everyday during this year, I don’t have a theme, and there is really no structure to the madness. But it has been nice having a place where I can share some of my thoughts, and express my love of RUMI.

When I really think about it, I realise a lot has happened in this period, but I stay detached and experiences are like oil to my water. I have noticed a change in myself this year and I am equal parts excited and terrified for what the future brings. Sometimes I wish I could peek into my life 5 years from now, to see how things will be. Sometimes I scare myself by thinking: what if nothing changes? What if I am in this exact same spot, daydreaming about the same things and watching life pass me by? Change is scary, but even scarier is remaining the same.

What will my life be like 5 years from now, I wonder? Will I be happy and fulfilled?  Will I still be alive? Will I have fallen victim to a maniac suicide bomber? Life has this way of being completely unpredictable, tossing you in directions in which you never expected. Whatever happens, I hope to be alive, I hope to be happy, and I hope to always have a reason to laugh.