The good guys

It is okay, we are the good guys
Everything we do is for the greater good
Our actions are justified and with merit
We are the right side.

But it seems bad to do that

They deserve it for being bad!

We are doing the same thing we are opposing

Yes but WE are doing it for the right reasons!


We need that to stop the evil-them!

We are good

and they are bad.

We are the right side of history

A slap here, a kick there is alright

We are the good guys.

Look how virtuous we are


Fools say we are turning into the things we despise

but we are really doing the right thing

Haven’t you heard the things they say?

Trust me they deserve worse

It is not wrong to do bad things to them-the bad guys

We are the good guys!

Shoot them all dead

Slay their children

It’s all for the greater good

rape their corpses

Desecrate their souls

We are doing nothing wrong