WTF news

The world is bad and bad things happen ever so often, so often in fact that we have become numb and desensitised to them. But then I hear of a story that just leaves me speechless. Here are some of the horrible stories I have read recently, in no particular order.

Exorcism through rape: What does one do when a loved one is having visions of goats? Probably not conclude that she is possessed by demons and then take her to church for a violent exorcism. That’s what happened to a sixteen year old girl in Argentina. In order to fully exorcise the girl from demonic goats, the pastor ordered for her to be gang raped and then asked her elder sister to gouge out her eyes. What goes on in some people’s minds? Are they evil or plain stupid? Are they brainwashed? Why would anyone believe that blinding her sister is a good thing to do?  How could anyone stand by and watch a daughter/sister be tortured? The pastor needs to be locked up because he probably has a few more exorcisms in his arsenal. Words are futile to explain how awful this story is. Poor girl condemned to a life of pain because of the stupidity and ignorance of people.

Farid Fata: Doctors are good and brave and invaluable to society, but they are not exempt from greed and evil. Farid Fata is an awful human being who swindled his patients out of money by lying to them that they had cancer. When I first read the story, I was shocked but even more horrified when I found out that he actually performed chemotherapy and other treatments on people who did not need them! I assumed he just pretended to treat them and took their money while slipping them placebos but he actually ruined the health of his patients. Farid told one patient of his that she had terminal cancer which drove her husband into a depression and led her to give away her belongings. Another patient reported his teeth fell out and his body twitched uncontrollably thanks to the needless treatments Farid made him undergo. Farid did not just prey on the healthy, he also sold dreams to the terminally ill, making them to believe they could be healed. This case is just horrible and I hope Farid is punished to the fullest extent of the law.

Heroes are rapists too. I am in awe of firemen and I respect them a lot. I rarely hear of firemen doing bad things so I was stunned when I read this. A fireman saved a nine year old girl from a burning building, and raped her. Then he threatened to kill her mother if she told anyone. What a scumbag. I imagine the girl never thought to be afraid of a fireman, especially one who had come to rescue her. I wonder just how many other girls and women this pervert has assaulted. Disgusting.

More appalling news. A 17 year old German girl was kidnapped near her house while walking her dog. A few minutes later, the kidnappers used her phone to call her father to demand a million euros in ransom. The father could hear his daughter screaming in the background. That was the last sound he heard from her. The family was contacted for the last time the next day, before the kidnappers stopped communicating with them. Police speculate that the girl was killed because the kidnappers were afraid she could identify them as they weren’t wearing masks. This story saddens me because it is just so fucked up and unfair. It is bad enough that you have just kidnapped a person, but if you do not want to be recognised, then wear a mask! Her parents were cooperating fully with them, even writing them an open letter to let them know their demands would be met. Only for the poor child to be killed. A life was just wasted and for what? The girl must have been so terrified. I can’t even think of what her parents are going through. It makes me so mad.