Bucket list

I am not one for bucket lists; I never leave my room and have no desire to climb any mountains and jump out of anything. A few years ago I created a ten item bucket list and have so far managed to not achieve anything on the list. Ha!

Yet here I am again, making another list. I’m not sure this is even a bucket list. I just finished reading a book in which one of the characters is diagnosed with Leukemia and is at the brink of death. Did this make me think about my life and how I ought to be getting more out of life? No.

This character made a living will in which she left her millions to her “man-friend”. My overactive imagination fired up and I thought: “If someone who knew me well enough was dying and leaving me all their money, what would they want me to do with the money?” and thus this list was born.

In my dream fantasy life, I am carefree, semi-adventurous, and fabulous; and I already do all the things below:

  1. Leave the house at least two weekends a month.
  2. Travel as often as possible. Go to all the places I want to go; Amsterdam, Morocco, Zanzibar, Cape Town, Brighton, Greece, go everywhere.
  3. Finally learn and perfect my French dammit!
  4. Go to Japan and immerse myself in the culture.
  5. Try something for the first time as often as possible.
  6. Become a certified Yoga pro, or just include yoga in my regular routine
    1. I really want to be toned and bendy and serene
  7. Become an expert knitter
  8. Learn to swim
    1. Get a pink pool floater in the shape of a flamingo and take lots of pictures
  9. Learn to ride a bicycle
  10. Finally get abs
  11. Write.

PS: How do people manage to make-and keep-friends? I have become bored of my own company. One can only go on so many solo outings before one starts to crave another to share the experience with. I can barely make it through a two hour stage play without falling asleep. Three hours into a museum trip and I feel tired and weird (perhaps what I need is a doctor not friends).

One unfortunate thing about life is how fleeting and fickle experiences are. I wish I could have fun and remember the feeling forever. In a way this would be possible if I had shared the experience with another with whom I can reminisce with. All the art and plays pale a bit without friends and family to share it with.

I still like to be alone; when I think of Nirvana I see myself in bed snuggled under a duvet in a cool room with the television on. From the moment I leave the house, I begin the countdown to when I can return to my bed.

I do not like to feel that I am wasting away precious life and there are so many things to experience and I have to leave my room for life to happen. For so long I have been content with going to the movies alone but not anymore, at least not all the time.



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