Third time’s the charm?

Last year when I was still in the throes of baking, before I was attacked by cystic acne and vicious tummy fat, I attempted to make orange pound cake. I tried this twice, and failed twice before giving up on this, and then giving up on baking altogether.

Still my fondness for baking has been ignited, and will not be completely extinguished so easily. Plus it was bank holiday Monday, and everyone was out enjoying the great outdoors so I figured I ought to commemorate the day as well, and what better way than to revisit an old nemesis? That kids, is how I ended up baking orange pound cake for the third time.

This time was different. The idea to revisit this first came a few months ago, when I realised that the “oven” I’ve been using is actually a grill, and the oven is the one below it. I concluded that had to be the issue, and the solution was to use the actual oven. On the day however, another thought struck me; in my first two attempts, I didn’t follow the recipe to the letter (as I wasn’t about to use three eggs at once, at a time when eggs were a scarce commodity), and I tried to merge together the recipe and a youtube video I came across (which required a blender). I had used this Grill/oven for all my other baking- banana bread, actual bread etc with zero issues so why did I think that was the issue? I decided to stick to one recipe and follow it exactly. Armed with this, I marched into the kitchen with the confidence of a fly sashaying through an open window (what?) and was determined to make the third attempt the one.

In summary, third time really was the charm. Unlike the previous two attempts, the result was edible and actually looked like cake. Turns out one cannot simply use one egg when the recipe called for three and expect magic. It wasn’t perfect though, I couldn’t lift it out of the baking pan, and there were parts of it that hadn’t fully become cake. I suspect the 40 mins baking time per the recipe is not enough.

For comparison, this is what the first two attempts looked like.

Overall I was quite pleased and relieved at the outcome. I ate it all over two days and realised that I don’t really care for orange pound cake. Still, it was nice to overcome an obstacle. I have some flour and butter left over which I will use to make my trusty banana bread, and that will be it for baking until the next time the spirit moves me.

Go on, go ahead and tackle that obstacle. Let me be an inspiration to you.

PS: the new wordpress is so flipping annoying. Bring back the classic editor. Thank you!

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